When it is dark enough, you can see the stars. ~ Persian Proverb

I’m often asked how I remain positive and joyful in the face of adversity. Each time I pause and struggle for words, unable to fully describe the capacity of my heart and mind to laugh and cry simultaneously. But as I sat reading today I came across this simple proverb, “When it is dark enough, you can see the stars.”

This beautiful proverb holds such deep wisdom and reminds me of so many nights as a child, camping in Yosemite with my family. As the sun slowly set and the sky turned pitch black, something magical would happen. The most stunning and radiant twinkling lights would fill the endless void overhead. I would lay on my back mesmerized by the tiny diamonds dancing in the moonlight. I would wait in anticipation for one to fall through the brisk mountain air, hoping that just a little stardust would somehow find its way to me. I loved those nights. Staring at the heavens, surrounded by hills and valleys. I felt a small part of something big and grand and infinite.

So how do I remain positive and joyful in the face of adversity? It’s simple. It’s only in the darkness that I am able to clearly see the light. It’s in the loss that I feel compassion. It’s in the cancer I experience community. It’s in the fear I learn peace. It’s in the heartbreak I find comfort. It’s in all the hard moments in life that I am able to see the magic and goodness that surrounds me. It’s in the darkest of nights, laying silent and still, staring up to the sky that I understand that my small life has meaning and power and purpose. And I am in complete awe of the brilliant lights shining just overhead that can only be seen in the darkness. 

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