I arrived to my home after my second chemo, exhausted, drugged and full of dread for the days ahead, to find your hearts fluttering like leaves in the large tree in front of our house. Hearts, different sizes and colors, full of your encouragement and love and prayers. And the dread turned to hope because I felt so loved and cared for.

Your hearts have been hanging in my tree until today. I wanted so badly to go and read each one, but the multiple hornet’s nests right below kept me away. So after a visit by our local exterminator, today I ventured out to that tree and took down each heart, and carried them in, and sat on my favorite spot on the couch and just soaked it all in.

Sweet tears filled my eyes as I read every single word, and I am sitting here, letting it all sink in and feeling beyond grateful for a community of friends that care for me so well. For a community of friends that aren’t all connected by zip code, but are connected by invisible threads of shared memories, shared purpose, and shared affection. For a community of friends that jump on planes, drive hundreds of miles, bring me meals, clean my house, send me cards and care packages and texts, sit with me at chemo, go to doctor’s visits, care for my children, do my laundry, pray, grieve, hope, cry, laugh, love, and literally give of their hearts. So, from the bottom of my heart, I love you and am so very thankful for you.



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