Yesterday morning I woke up for my surgery.  The house was dark and quiet.  Both of the kids were at sleepovers and I all I could hear were the raindrops hitting the roof.  I turned on some music to help lift my spirits and got ready to go the hospital. We locked up the house and walked to the car and this happened…


I was literally encompassed in love and prayers.  I was speechless and in shock, and could not believe that all these women had come out in support of me.  I knew I was covered in prayers, I knew that people were bringing meals and cards and flowers, but THIS!  The most epic and beautiful gathering I have ever been a part of.  Women who woke before the sun rose, standing in the cold and pouring rain, coming to my side in a dark time and flooding me with the most brilliant light.  And we prayed prayers of peace and healing and comfort, and one by one they put their arms around me and whispered encouragement in my ear.  And we cried.  Tears of joy and strength and love and unity.

And the prayers and strength of every woman there, and all my friends praying from around the world lifted me and lit my path.  As we drove to the hospital I sat completely overwhelmed by this beautiful crazy world we live in.  While having cancer has been no fun at all, being loved the way I am and getting to feel the outpouring of support from my community makes it beautiful.

I will never forget December 22, 2015 but not because it was the day I had surgery.  I will remember it as a day of strength, and friendship and love and the most EPICALLY BEAUTIFUL GATHERING  I have ever been a part of.

I am now home and resting in bed.  I’m really sore but my spirits are still being lifted by all of your prayers and love.  My sweet husband is caring for me and making sure I have everything I need.  My kiddos are loving on me.  Little Marc and Cinco slept by my side all night.  I enjoyed a wonderful dinner last night brought by friends and breakfast sent all the way from Indiana.  And all I can do is BE STILL, and WAIT and CLING in the brilliant LIGHT provided by all of you.  It really is a beautiful life.

To love another person is to see the face of GOD ~ Les Miserables

Thanks to all of you I have seen God’s face.


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